25 Paragliding concentration of El Hierro island

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25 Paragliding concentration of El Hierro island

This May 30th has given rise to the start of the 25th edition of the paragliding meeting on the island of El Hierro.

A highly anticipated event every year by all Canary pilots and many international pilots. This year there have been more than 180 registered pilots, including 9 different nationalities and pilots from around the world.

In this edition, it counts for the first time with a captive aerostatic globe for all those participants that wish a different experience. They also have hang gliding flights, tandem paragliding flights, acrobatic paragliding equipment, workshops for children, inflatable castles among many other things.

The concentration of the island of El Hierro is one of the most important events for the municipality as it collects a large number of visitors and encourages tourism on the island filling almost the quota of lodgings in the area.

El Hierro island is the smallest island among the Canaries. It has three municipalities in which only just over 10,000 inhabitants live. It is located to the southwest of the archipelago, has a spring climate almost all year round that thanks to this makes a place for the exceptional paragliding flight throughout the year.

INFO: https://www.facebook.com/elhierroparapente/?fref=ts