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Tenerife Top Paragliding is a team of professional paraglider pilots, with many years of experience and passion for flying!


James Marsh, founder of Tenerife Top Paraglding, started flying when he was 14 years old. At that young age he wanted to either ride a motorcycle, or to fly a paraglider. His father approved paragliding since it's much safer than motorcycles. For over 12 years, James wanted to make flying his lifestyle and share it with others. Lucky for him, Tandem Paragliding industry allowed him to do just that! He enjoys flying with people over Tenerife mountains and Atlantic ocean, sharing the experience of a bird's view. 


For Goyo, flying started the day he went to buy a motorcycle and saw a paraglding magazine at the shop. The guys at the shop were taking paraglding course and asked Goyo if he wanted to join in. At first Goyo thought that training was on par with austronauts. But when he saw, the following Saturday, how easy it was for these guys to practice, he signed up and has been flying ever since.


Tony was a surfer. When he suffered a breastbone injury surfing in 1996, doctors told him to rest for a few weeks. At the time when this happened, Tony's brother was taking a paragliding course. It took Tony 2 days to sign up and start flying down the slopes of Volcan de Guimar with Paragliding Club Izana members. To this day he is passionate about flying.

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