Advantages of using quick release Quickout carabiner in paragliding

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Advantages of using quick release Quickout carabiner in paragliding

Paragliding safety is a really important factor because it is an aerial activity, even though it is not considered an extreme activity. That's why new paragliding tools and improvements to  paragliding equipment security are constantly appearing to improve the overall user experience.

In this aspect, we can highlight the fact that one of the most interesting inventions in terms of safety have been QuickOut quick release carabiners, which have been invented and manufactured in order to provide fewer risks when practicing this activity.

As with the vast majority of tools, they are subject to human error, so in QuickOut they can also occur. However, thanks to the features offered by these carabiners, they can be considered as the safest options on the market.

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Are QuickOut carabiners really safe?

A very important aspect to keep in mind is that so far, no case of a failure or accident caused by QuickOut carabiners has been reported. This means that they are very safe options that you should consider.

This is a great advantage, since there are cases of aluminum paragliding carabiners that broke or opened the threads that are used as the main anchor to the glider, although it is true, that there were very few cases in which this happened.

It should also be remembered that accidents have occurred on many occasions caused by human error at the time of folding or installing a parachute, so it is always very important to stay focused and do things right to avoid such problems or accidents.

The only case of an accident that has been reported with a QuickOut has been caused by human error, which means that it is not that the carabiner has failed. The pilot flew out with the insurance open (preventing accidental opening) and grabbed the carabiners making a lot of pressure on them, so the cam was released from one side by accident. To all of the above we must add the fact that he had released the exit brakes, which is another of the most serious mistakes you can make as a pilot.

Is QuickOut used to prevent accidents?

Previously we highlighted the fact that human errors can make even QuickOuts able to be involved in accidents, although they are very limited cases and are because of the pilot.

However, there are many cases where QuickOut served to prevent accidents,  so they have been seen as a great advantage to improve the safety and quality of landings. Thus, there are many pilots who claim that these are one of the best ways to cancel the glider after launching the parachute, avoiding the mirror effect that is very feared by many pilots.

On the other hand, it is also known that they can be used during wind landings in the two-seaters. There doesn't need to be much wind to have to take advantage of them, serving to avoid pulling the sail at passengers who don't quite know what's going on. They are also very useful to be able to avoid possible wallows.

Advantages and main features of QuickOut carabiners

Now let's take care of highlighting some of the advantages and the main features that we can find in QuickOut:

· By pressing on one side and then on the other, they openup : this means that, yes there is a possibility, but in reality this is no fault and there should be no major complications. For an error to occur with QuickOut it is necessary to have made some mistake, such as going flying without the insurance down.

·          Impossible to open on their own: without a doubt, one of the main issues that we must take into account is that it is completely impossible for them to open the two alone. In case they close badly, you cannot lower the lock and if you fly with the insurance open (making two mistakes), you can release it during inflation. Actually, it is not possible to fly with the carabiner badly closed.

· They are large and heavier:  in this case we find carabiners of 200 gr, so they are usually heavier than most other options. Also, each one has a function, besides that they are not fully compatible with all chairs, so this is a very important aspect to consider.

·          DHV approved, being very good quality products that serve to save you many annoying scenarios.

·          They facilitate flight preparation, making it more difficult to make mistakes.

As you can see, QuickOut carabiners actually have a number of pretty interesting improvements that we shouldn't lose sight of.