The 10 best guachinches of Tenerife

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The 10 best guachinches of Tenerife

The 10 best guachinches of Tenerife

The typical guachinches of Tenerife can be found all over the island, but especially in the northern municipalities.

Much has changed about the concept of guachinche in the twentieth century and the beginning of the XXI. There are not many of traditional guachinche left. That is, there has been a before and after. At present, there are two concepts: the traditional and the avant-garde. Taking a brief tour of the histories of these rural viticulture dwellings of our land, the guachinches are a culture that is created in Tenerife without the winegrower realizes it. The culture of these food houses is not made by the politician, the writer or the journalist. It is created by the winegrower, the man of the rural world of our land. And it does so by the need to sell its surplus, accompanied by rich culinary dishes that once served to quench the fatigue of the stomachs of many people, such as scald, compound chickpeas, meat festival and salted fish with wrinkled potatoes .

The guachinche of old was a small room, where the humble wine-grower kept his agricultural implements or farm implements; Small wooden wine barrels, including the merry plow and an old motorbike. A room without dress and a floor of dirt or picón, accompanied by a small counter, were the stages, where the humble winemaker sold their wines, accompanied by tomatoes seasoned with oregano and oil, white goat cheese, garbanzas with stumbles, Meat festival and rabbit. Neither were the crabs or the cabrilla (gofio and sugar). They were times of stalls, songs and friendships.

The traditional guachinche for its characteristics and aesthetics, is improviser: an almanac of the sixties; Sayings, poetry, a picture of the first streetcar that Santa Cruz de Tenerife had; Materials of tilings and chairs uneven as the tables, many of them taken advantage of the telecoil coils. The care and the decoration of the walls of the guachinches are products of the imagination of the families of the viticulturists. Original objects that awaken or attract the attention of all those customers who decide to have a good glass of wine and some good chickpeas. Nor can you miss on your walls the timple of our land or the guitar. Such were the guachinches of the time, of a past that is already present. The current, the avant-garde, have nothing to do with the previous ones.

The history of Tenerife is linked to wine, land, the countryside, subject to the weather, its people, places, on the eve of St. Andrew's Day. And all this is linked to the best of the scenarios for your enjoyment: the guachinches. Today there is a government regulation; Sanitary and aesthetic standards. A greater control of the home-grown wines, having to be registered in the Register of Agrarian Industry and in the Register of Wine Containers, and, a certain number of meals. In the same way, the regulations also establish that the personnel that provide services in this type of establishments must accredit the sanitary training for the manipulation of foods. Undoubtedly, the picaresque in some food establishments is used to use the phrase of guachinches as a commercial complaint. Either be to pay less taxes and serve more meals.

There are many guachinches, especially in the north of Tenerife. There is taste for everything; Depends on the quality of the wine and the food. It is known that the guachinche must comply with the rules of having three kinds of food on their boards, but most do not comply with what is established, as the avant-garde guachinche is nourished by a varied menu.

Finally, today, our guachinches are popular and are visited by many people from other islands of the Canary Islands, who do not hesitate to travel many weeks in Tenerife, north of the island, more precisely, to taste our wines and food Traditional. Also, bring red wine to your respective islands. Even what a joy it gives me when I see in many guachinches the presence of foreigners tasting the wines of our land!

The Lutzardo 'ranking'

1) Guachinche El Ramal is an authentic guachinche canary, with a privileged location. Located in El Ramal, in La Orotava, this place has everything in its favor: it is spacious, with tables of all sizes, beautiful views, well attended by people very friendly and close.

2) Guachinche Casa Yayi. Homemade cuisine in a quiet and familiar atmosphere. Good clothes, salty fish, party meat, starry eggs, clams, octopus. Address: C / San José, 10. La Matanza de Acentejo.

3) Guachinche Parralito located at Calle San Cristóbal, 66, in La Matanza de Acentejo. It is the typical guachinche, located in the basement of the house, with walls and ceilings without cealing. There the seven or eight tables of the dining room are distributed. In a corner, a space that occupies the small bar with the kitchen. On the board, the dishes they offer. Although not many (like good guachinche), they cover a little of everything, enough to accompany the wine that announce their harvest. It does not have grilled meat.

4) Guachinche Basilio. Cozy and quiet place. Homemade food and good grilled meat on the weekends. Calle de Obispo Pérez Cáceres, 75. La Matanza de Acentejo.

5) Guachinche nunca es lejos. Slightly steep slope, but worth the drive. Family atmosphere and good wine. Specialty in grilled meat. Calle la Turca, in the La Corujera neighborhood; In Santa Úrsula.

6) Guachinche Julián. Home and family atmosphere. Specialty in grilled meat. Excellent home-grown wine. Calle la Cepa, 5, in Santa Úrsula.

7) Guachinche Quintero. Excellent wine of own harvest. Good tender white cheese. Chicharros and fried sardines, rabbit meat, chickpeas and grilled meat. Calle la Cepa, 1; In Santa Úrsula.

8) Guachinche David. Specialty in goat stew, grilled ribs, chickpeas and roasted chickens. Good home-grown wine. New Highway of the Corujera 75. Santa Úrsula.

9) Guachinche La Y Griega. Rural world environment. Homemade food. Good chickpeas, grilled meat and excellent home-made wine. Calle de la fortuna 23. The wreath. Santa Úrsula.

10) Guachinche Tomás and Ursula. Located in Calle Cuesta Perera, 14. El Farrobillo-Santa Úrsula. It stands out for its famous canaries ranches with chestnut. Good grilled meat.