What components is the paragliding made up of?

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What components is the paragliding made up of?


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Paragliding is one of the most striking aerial activities that exist, as it takes off from high ground and allows the pilot to fly taking advantage of the air currents.

However, you should know that the equipment used is also known as a paraglider and is composed of: a paragliding chair or harness, gliders risers, lines and helmet for the pilot.

It is common for people who are not very familiar with paragliding to end up confusing it with other sports, such as Paratrooperism and Delta Wing, although the truth is that they are completely different sports.

Also, many people also think that in reality the paragliding is simply a harness connected to a parachute. Therefore, in this article we wanted to delve deeper into the components that make up a paragliding, so that you are clearer how this activity is carried out.

The components of a paragliding equipment

As mentioned above, we will now focus on delving into the different parts of a paragliding equipment:

Paragliding wing:

The paragliding wing, called Wing or glider is similar to a parachutes with the naked eye, but the truth is that its shape is quite different.

For start, parachutes have a round or rectangular shape and have the primary goal of capturing air in order to stop the descent speed, while paragliders wings are designed to glide and fly smoothly.

To achieve its goal, the paragliding wing is elliptical and carefully designed to allow its structure to stay in the air for longer. It is true that in large part this depends on several weather factors, which if they are suitable can be kept in the air for several hours.

As for its materials, the paragliders are usually made of nylon, as it is a very resistant and durable material, so it is perfect for this task. Although at first glance it may appear to be a single piece, the truth is that its cover is composed of two separate sheets (intradoo and extradoo cells), which aim to inflate in order to catch the air.

Risers and lines:

By looking at the glider carefully you will see that some "lines" stand out, which are like wires called cordines. These meet the main objective of connecting the sail to the paraglider, allowing the pilot to control the paraglider as desired.

In general it can be said that there are about 30 lines on each side of the paraglider, which once they are grouped are called risers. On the risers are anchored the controls that the pilot uses to determine the direction and speed of the paraglider.

Harness or paragliding chair

The risers mentioned above are attached to the paragliding chair using carabiners, which is also known as a paragliding harness.

It is in the harness or in the chair that the pilot and passengers (if any) are seated so that they can go comfortable during the trip. Contrary to what many people think, the seats are actually very comfortable. The harness uses straps that are responsible for giving good safety to the pilot, preventing it from falling off at any time.

Security sistem:

The three parts mentioned above (wing, harness and  cordines) are what are needed to enjoy the paragliding experience. However, there is also a safety sistem on the paragliding equipment that is necessary to be able to have a good experience and that the pilot can be safer.

The paragliding rescue parachute is one of the most commonly used safety equipment, which can be used during an emergency and as a paragliding reserve. The wing is highly unlikely to collapse or fail critically, but the parachute is there to make sure the pilot's life is not in danger.

The helmet is another safety element to be used at all times, so many consider the helmet to be one more part of the paragliding. As you can imagine, it has the main function of protecting the head and face of the pilot and passengers to prevent them from being harmed in any incident.

Now you have all the information you need about the different parts of the paragliding that are needed for this aerial sport to take place. So you should already have a better idea of how this sport is performed and why it is one of the most popular options.