How does it feel to do paragliding

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How does it feel to do paragliding

How does it feel to do paragliding?

Are you thinking of paragliding and  want to get a better idea of what it's like to experience this activity? The truth is that paragliding is one of the safest and least intense aerial activities, but it is clear that flying is something that arouses fear and nervousness in most people.

how does paragliding feels

However, we have seen on several occasions how to have all the information and a better idea of what can be expected from the paragliding experience has helped those who feel insecure can fly without fear.

That's why in this article we want to talk to you more about what it's like to do paragliding, so you have a clearer picture of this type of experience. To begin with, you should keep in mind that this activity is often described as "exciting", "thrilling" and containing "pure adrenaline", so you can get a pretty clear idea of what to expect.

How does it feel to do paragliding?

One of the first things you must be clear about is that paragliding is not dangerous and has nothing to do with parachuting. That is, paragliding is not an extreme experience, but it is about experiencing what it is to fly, which means feeling like a bird going through the skies.

We will also separate the experience of paragliding in the different phases of it, so that you can have a broader and more complete view on all the aspects that surround this experience:

Before paragliding

For people who have never done so, this is the most complicated and nervous moment, as it is normal for nerves to be present one way or another in the moments before they fly.

Usually, people who are going to fly often walk a stretch of the mountain as they speak and enjoy the landscape, but as they approach the moment of truth, the nerves begin to become more present and you can feel a knot in the stomach and the heart is normal that it begins to accelerate.

The monitor will start giving instructions and putting all the paragliding equipment on you, at which point you will pay as much attention as possible while watching other people fly on their paragliding.

Thus, from one moment to the next you will receive the order to start walking, which you will do in the company of the monitor. You will be nervous here, but you'll also be focused to do your best.

Lift your feet from the ground

Once we feel our feet take off the ground and realize that we are completely suspended in the air, we notice that the experience is actually much nicer and quieter than we thought.

At this point the nerves disappear almost completely in most cases. When the nerves go away, it's the moment when you feel a sense of peace and relaxation that will eventually envelop and overwhelm you. You will absolutely forget everything while enjoying the experience and appreciate the whole landscape.

As you fly you will notice every little detail of the landscape and think about how wonderful it is to be able to see it from so high, being able to perceive it from a perspective that you could not have imagined before.

You will also notice that you will leave all the noise behind, being able to hear only the wind of the heights.

The landscape will change depending on where you are in the world, so it's clear that there will be some more beautiful landscapes than others, but we can assure you that no less where you are, you'll enjoy it a lot more than you think. It's a really indescribable feeling, so you have to be there.

What about vertigo?

If you are a person who has vertigo or who is afraid of heights, you should know that vertigo is not a paragliding problem.

This is because vertigo occurs when we have our feet on the ground and look over a balcony, a roof or a cliff, giving us that sense of danger that at any moment we can fall.

However, when you're on the paragliding that balance point is lost by being completely suspended in the air, so the feeling of paragliding vertigo is non-existent when you’re practicing this activity.

The landing

When the monitor tells you that the time of landing is near, you will notice that the trip has been very quiet and you wish you were more time in the air.

Some people may get a little nervous at the time of landing, but the truth is that it's very simple and the monitor will take care of guiding you at all times, so you don't really have to worry about this in the slightest.

As you can see, the paragliding experience is really satisfying and most majority of people who experience it are really fascinated.