How many classes do you need to learn how to fly autonomously in paragliding?

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How many classes do you need to learn how to fly autonomously in paragliding?

Are you interested in learning to paragliding without the need to be accompanied? So, it's clear that you'll have to attend several classes to get it. However, you may have the doubt of how many classes it takes to learn to fly autonomously in paragliding and to be able to live the experience of flying alone in paragliding.

Since the paragliding was invented it has been a sport that catches the attention of people who are interested in adventures and experiencing the adrenaline of flying. Absolutely the whole experience is unique, since everything is pure adrenaline, from the feeling of being completely free to the views that can be enjoyed.

All of the above makes people of all ages feel interested in paragliding and learning how to use them safely and in experience.

Learning to paragliding

Modern paragliders have high performance that means that such steep slopes are no longer needed to take off, as a wind-facing slope at an intensity of between 12 and 25 k/h is sufficient.

These new paragliders have also facilitated the fact that the first paragliding flight can be performed without having absolutely any experience, but is flown alongside an experienced and qualified pilot. Currently you can even use machines that propel and help to take off the paragliding despite being on a flat floor.

One detail that you must keep in mind is that, although paragliding is considered an extreme sport, the truth is that it does not require great physical demands to be able to learn to fly, besides that a high level of safety is always maintained on each of the flights, as long as you learn to fly in a paragliding school with qualified professionals.

Then you have to improve with experience and knowledge that are acquired over time, improving the way you have to fly and plan over the air and how to use the paragliding equipment to make the most of it and have the best possible experience.

The team

Undoubtedly one of the first things that we have to familiarize ourselves with is with the equipment, which is made up of paragliding, a self-inflatable lightweight fabric structure that has several open cells that fill with air and a structure that is responsible for maintaining the aerodynamics of the paragliding, as well as the wings of an airplane so that it can stay in the air for a long time.

The paragliding is attached by harness-resistant ropes, which is where the rider is seated or held using the controls in each hand to control it. When the rear is activated, each of the "wings" allows you to trace the path you want the paragliding to follow.

As mentioned above, no special conditions are required to be able to learn to paragliding, as you simply have to be able to run and be regularly fit to be able to climb the equipment to the right slopes.

How many hours does it take to learn how to paragliding?

The first thing to know is that paragliding has to be learned in a qualified school, which are usually found in most paragliding areas, which have schools installed in them.

Remember that it is very important that the school is registered with national federations and associations, as this is a clear indication that they have a quality training team and experienced professionals who can teach their students correctly.

As for the hours, you must understand that each person keeps up, so we can't tell you exactly the days you're going to need in your particular case, but their general estimate. In addition, instructional systems may vary from country to country, but paragliding initiation courses typically have an average duration of 10 days of practice.

After these 10 days the pilot should be able to take off and land on paragliding alone. Paragliding initiation courses also typically include some theoretical classes that include some basic concepts of aerodynamics, the structure of the glider, flight, operations and weather notions, as the latter also play a very important role in the experience you have when flying.

Thanks to schools it is not necessary to buy the equipment to be able to learn, since it is provided by the school so that students can learn using the right equipment and without having to make an investment until they have the necessary knowledge so that they can buy the paragliding that best suits their needs.

To choose a school it is important to consider several details, starting with the certifications and licenses that the school has. You should also make sure they have equipment in good condition, this being very important so that you can have a good experience learning. We also recommend making sure that paragliding coaches are qualified and experienced enough, so that you feel safe and that you can learn effectively.