Tips for paragliding

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Tips for paragliding

Are you thinking of paragliding? So, it is important that you take into account certain tips that can help you to have a better experience, especially if you do not have much information about it and you have just begun to be interested in this activity.

Therefore, in this article we have decided to gather information that can serve as guidance for you to start learning and gradually gain experience and so, you can enjoy this experience without the need to be accompanied by someone. In any case, we can assure you that you will live a unique experience and that you could not live otherwise thereafter.

Before delving deeper into the advice we want to give you, we will mention two basic keys that you must also keep in mind and that can have a great impact on the experience if you are starting: attitude and travel strategy.

Keys you should keep in mind to fly paragliding

The importance of attitude

It is clear that the first thing you will need is to have a good attitude and to be really interested to live this experience. If you do it just because someone asks you to try it, you probably don't enjoy the experience as you should, since it could be that you were in the air thinking that you already want to land; Although of course, you might also enjoy the experience and do not want it to end at any time.

The predisposition of a person plays a very important role in the way in which this type of experience is experienced. Maintaining positive thinking is one of the first rules of training, having importance both on a physical and psychological level.

The strategy or planning

Strategy is another important issue that should not be overlooked. What kind of strategy? Well, you will have to establish a route depending on the orography of the terrain, the meteorological information you have, the airspaces and the limitations, as well as according to the knowledge you have.

Once you have defined your route, the next thing will be to move forward with speed, especially if you are learning and still do not have much experience or the security to go faster. The truth is that, unless you are in a race, it is not about going faster than others, but about moving in a fluid way that allows you to have a good experience and anticipate the pitfalls, preventing you from being arrested or blocked from knock.

The fear

It is normal to feel fear when flying, especially the first times when you do not know what you can expect from this type of experience. It is clear that you have to lose your fear, but not to the point that you become careless.

You always have to listen to the inner voice you have and be objective with the capabilities that you have. If one day you do not feel well or you are not motivated, it is better that you do not fly and leave the experience for another day.

Basic tips for paragliding beginners

Now we will share some basic tips that can be useful for all beginners who are learning to fly:

Start with a tandem flight

It is obvious that it is not a good idea that without having any previous knowledge you start flying on your own. You may have seen how other people do it and you may think that it looks so easy that you could do it yourself, but you should know that being there is a very different experience than seeing how other people do it.

Therefore, to start the best thing you can do is to go on a tandem flight, where a professional will teach you and explain everything you need to know to be able to fly paragliding as if you were a bird.

In addition, while teaching you, you can have a more fun and peaceful experience because you don't have to be worrying about controlling the paraglider.

Take a course

Once you've had a flight with a professional guide, if you enjoyed the experience and you didn't feel dizzy that made the whole experience more uncomfortable or scary, then you probably want to continue learning to enjoy the paragliding even more.

So, if you want to take the experience one step further and be your own pilot, then you will have to sign up for a course given by certified and qualified professionals who can guide you.

Be clear that in the first steps the stop can be a very expensive activity, but once you have bought the equipment and obtained your license, the only thing you will have to pay will be the price of the place where you want to fly.

Buy the equipment that is right for you

Ask your instructors in depth which is the equipment that could best adapt to you and pay attention to the advice they give you, since they can be of great help to guide you and buy the best equipment.

The basic equipment you need is:

• A paraglider

• A helmet that meets the EN966 standard

• A harness

• A reserv

A complete kit with all this can cost about € 3,000 if it is new and about € 1,500 if it is a second-hand equipment, which you will have to be careful to check that it is in good condition and make sure you have a sheet of maintenance that shows airworthiness.

Be part of a paragliding club

When you have finished the course, you can now fly safely in the school club area, although this does not mean that you have to join their club if you do not want to.

You can choose the club of your choice to have a good experience. Joining a club is highly recommended, since in this way you can fly without complications and you can make friends who are in the world of paragliding, since it is an activity that can be enjoyed more if you live in a group.

We hope these tips have served you to have a better idea of ​​how you can start gaining experience and entering in the world of paragliding.