Dreaming of flying.

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Dreaming of flying.

It all started one morning, when I looked at the sky and there they were, flying over my head, turning and each time I saw them higher, I never imagined that a piece of cloth could reach that height, so I followed them in my weelchair. Wheels to see how they landed, and I noticed how they stood as if it were a bird, for a moment I wanted to imagine myself up there, but I could not see myself, because as much as to take off and land I would need to run, but being In situation, my disability, I already saw it impossible.

I approached and asked the pilot of the two-seater if there was any possibility of fulfilling that dream of flying. And smiling he answered that if I was willing to comply, and I said yes, and then he replied that they had an adapted harness and with the help of professionals on the takeoff we were going to make the dream a reality.

The next day we were at the meeting point, where they were waiting for me to take me to their van and be able to go up to the takeoff, imagining how everything would turn out.

Then while we were on the road, the partner’s comments were happy and funny, transmitting calm and confidence.

When arriving, they lower a cart of the car, that they prepared to be able to raise me to him, and they did it, they seated to me and I saw myself secure.

Then they took me to the ramp of the takeoff and there while the pilot was equipped, the partners give me confidence and tranquility and it was time to take off.

We wait for the breeze was good enough and at that moment I see how the paraglider starts to inflate and is placed over our heads, they are only tenths of a second and together with the companions who assist us at the moment of taking off we are already in the air and we leave the ground behind.

At that moment you realize that nothing is impossible and while you are flying the pilot is talking to you and asking if you are okay, if you are enjoying the flight, showing you corners of the island that can only be seen from the air and the truth that is very AWESOME .

While we were enjoying the flight, the pilot tells me that we are going to make the landing approach, but I did not worry, I knew that everything would turn out well, and so it was.

It was a clean landing as if it were a feather, almost did not realize how the cart came to touch the ground, spectacular professionalism.

The smile I had was inexplicable, because I came to fulfill a dream that I thought I could never do.

And thank Jaime and TENERIFETOPPARAGLIDING for their great professionalism in their work, the good treatment and confidence that they transmit to you from the first moment.

Josa A. García Morales