Demand more control for tandem paragliding companies with tourists

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Demand more control for tandem paragliding companies with tourists

The Professional Association of Paragliders of Tenerife has sent written to various administrations before the problems of security and to avoid the bad tourist image.

It is unquestionable that in recent years economic activity related to paragliding aimed at tourists has grown considerably in the South of Tenerife. A few kilometers from the beaches and hotels there are suitable platforms for the takeoff of paragliders. And there is also a potential market of tens of thousands of tourists.

However, the Tenerife Paragliding Professionals Association warns that not all companies offering "tandem" (two places, one for the tourist and another for a veteran pilot) ) operate within the law or face the same expenses to be able to do business.

This group has reported this to the Adeje City Council, the Tenerife City Council and the Labor Inspectorate, but their demands have been unsuccessful. One member explains that "in Europe the voice of the lack of control that has been here has been heard". And he says that some "are paragliders who do not have the documentation nor the level of piloting", according to the same source.

For the representative of the Association, "the legislation requires that the monitors be paragliding sports technicians, as well as that the entrepreneur be discharged" to carry out the economic activity and have its inscription in the General Tourist Register.

Another requirement for those who charge tourists to fly is to have civil liability insurance, whose policy covers up to 600,000 euros.

And, in addition, for the transport of customers a transport card, issued by the Cabildo de Tenerife is required. One of the conditions for accessing one of these permits for the first time is that the used car or vehicle is less than two years old. The spokesman of the entity, Cristo Afonso, comments that some "entrepreneurs" who do not comply with the regulations use a "federative insurance", which is intended for athletes. According to Afonso, if there is an accident, the monitors linked to these irregular societies explain that they were flying "with a friend or family member who is here on vacation", thus hiding their true activity. The representative of the Professional Association of Parapentistas of Tenerife says that at present, in the area of ​​Adeje operate about ten companies. And, of these, only three have all the required documentation and authorizations. He points out that, to the rest, "if they do not lack one role, they lack another". Cristo Afonso regrets the lack of sufficient means to carry out an effective inspection of the present reality by different organisms, especially since, when accidents proliferate, a bad image is generated for the Island as a tourist destination.

"Everything is the same almost two years later"

The Professional Paragliding Association of Tenerife clarifies that it is necessary to differentiate when a tourist decides to fly alone in paragliding because it has some knowledge and it risks, reason why it can have a fall; and when a person who spends his vacation in Tenerife and, without previous experience, decides to fly in tandem and also suffers an accident. Cristo Afonso, along with another businessman, Armando García, warn that it is known what company is illegal when its workers hide when they see the police. For years, paragliding platforms in the municipality of Adeje have been located in the area of ​​Taucho (Los Cercados-Pared de Los Lirios), Los Llanos and Ifonche. Several of the companies have their usual landing area in the vicinity of La Enramada beach, next to La Caleta. In August of 2016, the group sent a letter to the adejero City Council to inform "again of the situation of insecurity and bad tourist image that is being lived (...) with the companies of flight in tandem paragliding". In that text the council was asked to "act to control this unpleasant situation, the insecurity and bad image that gives the tourist that comes to Costa Adeje." And in December 2015, the Professional Association made four letters to the Cabildo, which made clear that "there are companies dedicated to paragliding, exactly to the two-seater flight, with tourists and as guides, without having a vehicle transport license for many of them" . On that occasion, the group made a list with the models of vehicles, license plates and color that supposedly operated in an irregular way. And, in addition, it was informed of the road used mainly to arrive until the high part of Adeje. Several of the alleged companies that act without having all the documentation, according to the Association, were also reported to the Labor Inspectorate. However, almost two years later, everything remains the same, according to the group.


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